Arctic Wolf!!

New idea for final stage of ice wolf:


Time Challengers Wanted!

Looks like time challenge is now ready for action!

Download using the QR here or directly (if you’re on your phone).

Here are some screen shots of the current build.

title screen

Title Screen

Uploading the high score

Uploading the high score

As you can see, hotly contested.

Please try and break it!

Have A Go Yourself!

Here’s a QR-Code that links to a download of the app.

Beware it’s (very) alpha at the moment, but you can have a go at the time challenge and play for a highscore.

Just download the Barcode Scanner app from the android marketplace, then use it to scan scan the picture below and follow download the download link.


Or if you’re on your phone you can download it directly

Title Screen.

Just an idea for the opening screen. Just imagine the creatures being coloured in then vibrating across screen in battle (like the original pokemons) ending with this screen, pre title options appearing.

Making the music.

What direction do I take?

I have much to think about..

I won’t lie, a fair bit of inspiration comes from the genius 8-bit style composition of every ones favourite pass time.

Moving on a few years, there’s much to learnt from more ground breaking compositions. Taken straight from my youths endless hours spent on a well known gaming handheld.

However, times have changed. The ability to synthesise any desired instrument to a very high degree is possible and very usable. Perhaps a combination of the memorable and the new would be a winning sound?

This idea sounds like it supposed to lie after an epic final battle (hence the name). Here’s an idea that I’ve put together with love..

The Final Battle by mrjspencer

There’s more to come. Battle music, victory music, defeat music, happy music. It’s all in the works.


Earth Owl.

So here’s the final of the starting 3 elemental creatures.

The final level and beginning level of the owl creature.

…i’m thinking I need to do a more epic final wolf.

Progress So FarĀ (away)

Just so you know, RGBRPG is a game designed for the Android Platform. It challenges you to use your colouring skills under pressure in order to defeat your opponents.

Seen here is the result of two days of programming, drawing and composing by our dev team at Muddy Fox.

What you’re seeing is the time trial mode, where the player is given a series of pictures they must colour in as much as possible in the time limit. A score is then created based on their attempts.