So….here’s a cheeky peek at some of the first sketches for the game, you can get a feel for the art style and visual layout we’re going for.

Inspired by Gobi (Lucha Libre comics) , Viewtiful Joe and a few others along the way probably.

Enjoy! x

Oh and any feedback would be nice 🙂 cheers,


3 starting beasts

Ottery Clan

Red Fire Crayon

Blue Water/Ice Crayon

Colouring Book Page

Idea for what the screen will look like


What the Devil is an RGBRPG?

It’s the dumbest idea ever.

Essentially we are a group of friends who wanted a fun project…

And we thought fun was one thing: COLOURING IN!


We thought if you could create a game that challenged you to colour in as fast and as well as you could in a time limit. It would be a simple game, but with enough content to keep a few nerds occupied over the summer.

But then we came up with the concept of battling each other through colouring…

Two opponents would be racing against each other to see who could colour the fastest. Each thing they would colour in would help do damage to their opponent. For instance one player could be colouring in fire hippos to sear off his/her opponents face, whilst the other would be labouring over filling in the white gaps to complete a picture of a sky-fortress that would obliterate their opponent.

We’re developing the game to played on Android Enabled devices.

Thus far we’ve developed the basic colouring in against time and scoring system.

You can check out the project at

Oh, I almost forgot, an RGBRPG: Red Green Blue Role Playing Game.